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Caloric Budget, UX

UX Practitioner

Research, Paper, Pencil, Illustrator, PhotoShop, Numbers, Keynote, Justinmind Prototyper, Axure

Caloric Budget

Process Document

Project Problem Statement
The purpose for this project is to learn how to design testable prototypes. This is an important skill for modern designers since we need to understand how to make simple and testable examples of proposed final products so as to: - Better communicate goals to clients - Refine interfaces and interactions in a reasonable amount of time - Learn how to perform, oversee and analyze user testing - Define purposes for why design is created (over qualifiable, subjective reasoning) - Document the research, design, user testing and refinement processes

Product Summary – Hypothesis
Food Budget is a component of our larger Health and Wellness application that allows the user to make and/or track an eating plan for the week, month, etc. The underlying concept functions similarly to a financial budget, where, in place of monetary spending Food Budget allows you to budget for high-calorie food items like ice cream, buffalo wings or potato chips and still stay within your weekly food budget. There will be room for a gamification of healthy eating - users can be awarded ‘cal points’ to be spent on a fun snack - or - a ‘reward zone’ where the user can set up what their reward might be (candy bar, pizza, etc).

Users of Food Budget are looking for a way to learn, assist or reinforce healthy eating habits. They are probably aware that they are either not healthy eaters, could eat healthier or want to make a lifestyle change, such as losing weight. Food Budget will need to educate its users on what constitutes healthy eating in the sense that it fits into the calorie counting format that Food Budget will provide. It is the intent of Food Budget to provide its users with an education about portioning and caloric budgeting (e.g. if you plan to have an unhealthy meal on the weekend, spend your week eating healthier options).

Proposed Goals
The goals of this project are to create interest in and awareness of healthier eating. Overeating and obesity are a problem, now not only in the United States, but globally. Nutrition awareness and promotion of healthy lifestyles are vague and compounded with good marketing for bad products. Many people are unaware of their poor eating habits and/or unaware of the unhealthy aspects of products labeled ‘natural’, ‘organic’ or otherwise appear to be healthy. Please view the above PDF Process Document, there are a lot of additional valuable details.