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Evaluation of Tool: Rubric, UX

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For Project 1, Evaluative Instrument Critique, I chose to review a document that is close to home; a rubric that I have adopted for a class I am teaching this semester. The evaluation is of the rubric for Project 2: Promotional Campaign for the class Artgr371, a junior-­‐level graphic design studio. This class is a co-­‐taught class by four instructors to four sections of ~80 students (~20 students per section). I have included the Project 2 project write-­‐up, page 1, which I would argue plays a more important role as the evaluative instrument in this case because this is the printed information the students are provided to base their project (and concepts of the project) on. The actual grading rubric, page 2, is not made visible to the students in this class until shortly before the projects are due. This practice is in conflict with my personal opinion of providing students with the rubric at the same time the project is introduced. I hold this opinion because I feel that it closer represents an experience of working with clients, where you would have a greater understanding of the expectations for the outcome of the project upfront and can start working towards those expectations from day one.